Styleboard: College Edition

sorry for the absence guys! it’s been a really busy week for me, mainly just because I’ve been spending lots of time with my boyfriend and friends and not at my computer (not to bash on anyone who has nothing to do but sit on their computer all day, admittedly that’s more or less how the first half of my summer went. plus a good chunk of my school year. #confessionsofayoungadult.). my boyfriend and I have decided to get caught up on all the seasons of the walking dead. when it comes to tv shows, Netflix is a godsend. until you realize that they don’t yet have the newest season. then it sucks. we just started season 2 though, a season out of which I have already seen about 6 episodes so it’ll mostly just be new to ryan. we also watched the pilot episode of game of thrones, although i’m not as interested in that show and opted for the walking dead as my tv show of choice. then again, I also have to finish season 4 of the vampire diaries. and the last episode of teen wolf. (yes, I said teen wolf. believe me, me being hooked on that show a little bit was never part of the plan! don’t judge).

and now onto the main point of today’s blog post. so in order to make sure I put up something and not just leave you guys hanging, and also because I’ve been rather excited and inspired by the back to school campaigns right now, I put together a styleboard based on college life and going back to school. i’ll be moving into a beautiful townhouse in less than two weeks and I couldn’t be more excited for the move! i’ll be living in Seattle with some amazing girls for roommates. two of the three I already know as coworkers, and i’m looking forward to spending the year with these awesome amazing ladies! for the most part our townhouse comes furnished already, but that won’t stop me from adding some of my own little touches to the place. i’ll finally be able to try and bring out a little of the interior designer in me.

styleboard 4

1 Blanket // 2 REIKO KANEKO GOLD LIP TEASE MUG // 3 Tassel Key Chain // 4 2-piece Dahlia Candleholder Set // 5 Velvet Cushion Cover // 6 Satin Copper Kettle // 7 TOO by Blu Dot Hipper Office Chair

I also wanted to note that my last post of my sister and i’s photoshoot with Mariya Kuyan is one of the top-viewed posts on my blog! over a hundred views within 3-4 days, which is awesome! i’m glad that everyone seemed to enjoy them. also noteworthy is the fact that I have been nominated for three Liebster Awards. The Woman in the Dress, Catching Zees, and Annieleaf have all sent me nominations. thanks guys, and hopefully I will have that post up soon! for those who don’t know, the Liebster Award is an award for up and coming bloggers who meet a few qualifications and who are recognized by their blogging peers. it’s a great way to promote each other’s blog and discover/connect with other budding bloggers. thanks again, and i’ll try to do my proper Liebster Award post soon!

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Photo Shoot With Mariya Kuyan

last week my sisters and i had a photo shoot with my good friend Mariya and the pictures turned out pretty stunning! it was a fun experience and good practice for her photography skills. here are some of the photos from the shoot, we shot at two different locations in Edgewood. hop over to her blog to see the rest of the photo shoot!

6 copy

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Weekend Getaway: Great Views in Washington

this last weekend was one of the best weekends of the summer! (it’s going head to head with the camping trip I went on over the fourth of july weekend). this is one of the weekends that makes me have a great appreciation for Washington and the beauty of the pacific northwest! and I got to spend the whole weekend with my amazing boyfriend, so its a given that it was great! he took me to Deception Pass and Whidbey Island on Saturday (we sang in the car haha) and on Sunday we threw a surprise homecoming party for my friend Julie at Golden Gardens Park.

Deception Pass


the bridge across deception pass provides an amazing view of the ocean! or maybe it’s still the Puget Sound? bottom line is that the horizon is nothing but water. and it is beautiful!! we went and had lunch at a picnic area in the actual park, where I got eyed for a while by a really suspicious looking seagull (why are they such creepers?). I loved the trip because I felt like I was let into a special little corner of Ryan’s world, and I just followed him wherever he wanted to take me. i’d probably follow him anywhere.

Whidbey Island

IMG_20130813_013946 IMG_20130813_014931

Ryan took me up this giant sand dune (which was an adventure, let me tell you) and we got to look out across Useless Bay and see the beautiful pink sunset. it was breathtaking, a small piece of time where your life takes a pause and just lives in the moment. a moment of quiet impact. Fort Casey has a pretty lighthouse sitting on a hill. small, but picturesque. we brought our bikes in case there was time to ride but the day started slipping away from us a bit faster than we anticipated.

Golden Gardens Park, Seattle

IMG_20130811_204034 IMG_20130813_013259
IMG_20130813_020211 IMG_20130813_014432

Ryan and I went earlier in the say on Sunday to save a fire pit at a beach in seattle that I’ve never been to (my beach of choice is usually Alki). good thing we got there when we did because out of the 7 or 8 fire pits there were only 2 left! I can see myself coming to this beach a lot more often. as always, beach sunsets are always beautiful and it was a great time to introduce my boyfriend into my circle of friends (all went well!) and to reconnect with some friends I haven’t seen in a while. Julie was super surprised and at first came up to us thinking what a coincidence that you guys are here too! silly girl. she just came back from getting her yoga teaching certificate from a school in costa rica! we were all super jealous looking at all her amazing pictures.


as always, my awesome photographer friend Mariya took some great pictures from the beach so go over and see the rest of those!

all in all, this was an amazing weekend for me with amazing people and I have never been so excited to be where I am with the people i’m with. while our relationship is not always ideal and at times rocky, this is one of those times when I can honestly say Washington, I love you.



The Art of Killing Time: July Photo Diary (+ Happy Friday!)

first off, I just edited this post because it realized it actually (the end of) Friday soooo, Happy Friday! it’s amazing to me how every single summer my vacation seems to go by in the blink of en eye, without seeming to have done anything at all. so I asked myself, what is it that I actually do with my time? and it turns out, I just fill my days with lots of little things. so while my summer might not be marked with tons and tons of epic European and tropical vacations, week long camping trips, summer music festivals and parties, I still do a bit more than just lay in bed or sit on the couch all day and watch the sun rise and set every day (although I do still fit that into my schedule here and there).

for example, I spend lots of time with my dog Sam! we took him to a lake recently to see if he would swim, and while he was very hesitant and unsure of himself, he swam! so much fun, I really want to take him out again. he seems to like the water which is a lot of fun.
IMG_20130731_131523 IMG_20130731_130657
IMG_20130725_164142 IMG_20130805_191621

I also like to go on little hikes and trail walks with him and my sisters. since we live in an apartment and we don’t have a fenced yard he doesn’t get out as often and I hate to say it but he’s a little bit pudgy. he definitely jiggles!! so these walks are nice because it gets my sisters and I out of the house on a nice day, all of us get exercise and have a little bit of fun (except for when we manage to get lost, and we’re tired, and didn’t bring enough water with us. then that’s when it’s time to call it quits). but the best part to me is that when we get home, the dog is out!! like a light. he’s so hyper and to energetic and we could spend and hour playing fetch and tug of war (his annoyingly favorite game) and he just won’t tire. so when we get him laid out its awesome!

IMG_20130801_141450 IMG_20130726_164803

after that it’s just all about the even littler things. I do things like paint my nails (this particular color may actually be a bit dark and is better suited for winter but I like it so I wore it anyway!). my sisters and I go to hang out at our local Starbucks. my sister amy actually got a stuffed giraffe from a friend who was in California (her nickname is the Dribbling Giraffe, she got it on the basketball court and it stuck!). I watch movies in the theatre with my friends and sisters. I talk to my sisters about our favorite tv shows. we watch Dance Moms, Teen Wolf (yea…), The Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds, Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model. i’ll go to a lake or lay by the pool on a hot day. I have a handsome young man I get to see all the time and talk to every day (we are going on a day trip tomorrow!), I work occasionally at Emerald Downs racetrack (today I got to work in the winner’s circle!).so although it seems in hindsight like I do absolutely something and lay on the couch all day like a lazy moose, I actually fill my time with lots of little things and spend time with the people closest to me. so I guess I can’t complain.






hey guys! I thought i’d take this opportunity to highlight a site I have mentioned before in some of my posts, Keep. it’s very similar to Pinterest except the products on the site are all hand-selected by a team of people (bloggers, designers, etc.) so the products and items on the site are much more selective. however anyone can make an account and you can “keep” (equal to the “repin” feature on Pinterest) items and arrange them on boards just like the pin board site we all know and love (or if you don’t yet know about it yet, what the hell is wrong with you?). it’s just another really great resource for finding awesome clothes, jewelry, accessories, home décor and furniture, and finding really great ideas to gussy up your super awesome life in general.

keep screenshot2

keep screenshot

I (finally) just made an actual account so feel free to go on over and take a look at it, maybe see if a Keep account is something you’d like to try out (and if so, go ahead and follow me!).



Chicken & Lemon Pasta

IMG_20130806_223217 IMG_20130806_223014

hello all! first off, ignore my less than stellar cell phone pictures, i’m not a pro food photographer with the lighting knowledge, a fancy camera and an amazing setting. that being said, today i’m coming at you with my chicken and lemon pasta recipe! I’ve been cooking it for a couple of years now and it’s a hit with my family! I got it off of the Food Network website a while back after seeing it on a cooking show, it might’ve been Down Home with the Neelys (is that show even still airing?). anyway, the recipe has been one of my most asked-for recipes (my top one would have to be my wild rice soup, a recipe I might hit you with another time!) so obviously i’m doing something right. like some of the best dishes though, I don’t completely follow the directions and after a while I’ve come to just do it by sight and taste instead of measuring ingredients out. but I will give you the official recipe and let you add your own variations to it!


lemons olive oil parsley penne red pepper flakes
chicken mushrooms garlic cloves parmesan cheese

~ 1lb dried pasta (I use a box of Barilla)
~ 2 chicken cutlets, cubed (or cut into fingers)
~ salt and freshly ground black pepper
~ 3 cloves garlic, sliced
~ 1/4tsp red pepper flakes
~ 3tbs olive oil
~ 3tbs roughly chopped fresh parsley, for garnish
~ 2 lemons, juiced
~ 1/2 cup grated Parmesan
~ 1 package of sliced mushrooms (I added this into the recipe)


1. cook the pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water, until al dente. drain well.

2. season chicken with salt and pepper. heat a large grill pan over medium high and add chicken. grill until chicken is golden and completely cooked. remove to a plate and slice.

3. using the chicken juices already in the pan and adding a bit of olive oil, sauté mushrooms; remove to a bowl.

4. add the garlic and red pepper flakes to a sauté pan (I do everything in the same pan; same pan as I cooked the chicken and mushrooms in) with 3tbs of olive oil and sauté until fragrant. add the cooked pasta and turn heat off. mix all together.

5. if there’s not enough room in the pan, remove the pasta to a large bowl (otherwise keep it in the same pan). add the chicken to the warm pasta and season with salt pepper. sprinkle in chopped parsley. add the juice of 2 lemons and mix. before serving top with parmesan.

this recipe takes about 25-30min to make and makes about 5 servings so it’s a great recipe for serving a larger amount of people. it serves 5-6 people easily. you can add more or less lemon and parmesan than the recipe calls for. this part I do my taste, adding lemon and cheese in increments until I feel like the two are balanced well and that there is enough of each (I use way more than a half a cup of parmesan). so try it out and let me know how it goes!

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