Styleboard: College Edition

sorry for the absence guys! it’s been a really busy week for me, mainly just because I’ve been spending lots of time with my boyfriend and friends and not at my computer (not to bash on anyone who has nothing to do but sit on their computer all day, admittedly that’s more or less how the first half of my summer went. plus a good chunk of my school year. #confessionsofayoungadult.). my boyfriend and I have decided to get caught up on all the seasons of the walking dead. when it comes to tv shows, Netflix is a godsend. until you realize that they don’t yet have the newest season. then it sucks. we just started season 2 though, a season out of which I have already seen about 6 episodes so it’ll mostly just be new to ryan. we also watched the pilot episode of game of thrones, although i’m not as interested in that show and opted for the walking dead as my tv show of choice. then again, I also have to finish season 4 of the vampire diaries. and the last episode of teen wolf. (yes, I said teen wolf. believe me, me being hooked on that show a little bit was never part of the plan! don’t judge).

and now onto the main point of today’s blog post. so in order to make sure I put up something and not just leave you guys hanging, and also because I’ve been rather excited and inspired by the back to school campaigns right now, I put together a styleboard based on college life and going back to school. i’ll be moving into a beautiful townhouse in less than two weeks and I couldn’t be more excited for the move! i’ll be living in Seattle with some amazing girls for roommates. two of the three I already know as coworkers, and i’m looking forward to spending the year with these awesome amazing ladies! for the most part our townhouse comes furnished already, but that won’t stop me from adding some of my own little touches to the place. i’ll finally be able to try and bring out a little of the interior designer in me.

styleboard 4

1 Blanket // 2 REIKO KANEKO GOLD LIP TEASE MUG // 3 Tassel Key Chain // 4 2-piece Dahlia Candleholder Set // 5 Velvet Cushion Cover // 6 Satin Copper Kettle // 7 TOO by Blu Dot Hipper Office Chair

I also wanted to note that my last post of my sister and i’s photoshoot with Mariya Kuyan is one of the top-viewed posts on my blog! over a hundred views within 3-4 days, which is awesome! i’m glad that everyone seemed to enjoy them. also noteworthy is the fact that I have been nominated for three Liebster Awards. The Woman in the Dress, Catching Zees, and Annieleaf have all sent me nominations. thanks guys, and hopefully I will have that post up soon! for those who don’t know, the Liebster Award is an award for up and coming bloggers who meet a few qualifications and who are recognized by their blogging peers. it’s a great way to promote each other’s blog and discover/connect with other budding bloggers. thanks again, and i’ll try to do my proper Liebster Award post soon!

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Styleboard: Orange County

here’s a new board that I put together recently with some little items that I have really been loving. an orangey theme brings it together, and I think that is a key element when putting together your own styleboard or inspiration board or whatever your name for such a thing is (i’m pretty sure styleboard itself isn’t actually a word but I use it anyway!). my favorite boards are ones that just naturally come together on their own. i’ll see two or three images side by side and realize that there is an element common to them that just makes them intertwine and sparks my inner creativity. for me this is usually a color but it can also be a material or a certain category of product or a particular pattern that inspires you. then once I have a couple of central elements I look for some accompanying pieces and arrange them around each other. it is important to choose pictures and products that you actually like and/or want, otherwise you won’t really like you own board at all and it will feel like you’re making a mandatory homework project for school. very tedious and not very fun.

styleboard 3

1 I love my city Print from Etsy // 2 Avery Leather Sandals from Calypso St. Barth // 3 Avery Key Ring // 4 Turkish hammam towels // 5 Palma Leather Crossbody Camera Satchel

they might seem simple and modest at first, but the more you make the more ideas you might think of and the more you can play around with arranging the photos, adding text, using color and design elements. I’ve only made a couple and am still playing with them. but do not try to force it! if you can’t find images or products that make you feel excited and go well together, don’t get frustrated. try to look somewhere else or just wait for you to casually come upon things. sites like Pinterest and Keep are great places to look. so go ahead and try making a styleboard of your own!



Styleboard: Summer Lakeside Picnic

although the sunny weather continues to elude us here in Washington (#Figures), I have been promised that some amazing weather is on the way! also I have my lakeside camping trip over the 4th of july weekend on my mind! with the help of a site I found called Keep I have made some pretty awesome finds. i’m still narrowing down what I think i’ll need for the trip. I definitely still want to plan out a 4th of july outfit complete with flags and stars and red white and blue or any combination of the above. and I need a beach towel as well, i’ll probably hit up Target for that. i’m counting down the days already!


‘Ally’ Retro Sunglasses from Nordstrom // Pink Stripe Tablecloth // Flat Thong Sandals with Buckle // Chain Dinner Plates // Scallop Edge Bikini // BROMMO Chaise Lounge Chair



Styleboard: Stripes & Denim

I don’t shop all that often. when you’re a college student working a part-time minimum wage job you don’t make much more than pocket change and shopping sprees are a luxury you literally can’t afford. that is, unless you can handle the guilt you feel later for spending all of your money and if you can handle the feeling of being broke until your next paycheck (longest two weeks ever). can’t even go get frozen yogurt or a cup of expensive Seattle coffee with a friend unless they’re paying! suffice it to say, I can’t really handle it. live and learn.

that doesn’t keep me from window shopping, though. below are some style picks I made mostly off of Pinterest. I really do think my closet needs a jean jacket. I haven’t had one since I was a kid and they are finally back in style. for whatever reason I always get caught up when I go to pay $30 for one. it seems a tad much (recall the college student budget) but the fact that I keep coming back to the jean jacket over and over and over again month after month tells me that I need to finally cowgirl up and buy one. also I keep coming to the black and white striped shirts, I’ve been seeing them a lot lately and really love the versatility of the piece. most recently I saw one being worn by Kate on The Fancy Pants Report. I think this piece may become a new closet staple for me.

style list

1 Denim Jacket from Target // 2 Handbag from Prada // 3 Panama Hat from J. Crew // 4 Slingback Boardwalk Sandal from Madewell // 5 Factory Printed Draped Tee from J. Crew

Note: The link for the Prada bag fell down the rabbit hole of tumblr and pinterest so I have no idea if it’s still available or where to get it.



It’s Spring Time!


If there’s one thing I love about Spring it’s the bright pops of color that just put you into a happy bubbly Springtime joy omg-I-love-the-world mood. And that would definitely have to include the color PINK! And when spring happiness meets design inspiration their brain child is the above moodboard filled with some of my favorite Springtime colors and inspirations. Enjoy!

// Grumpy Cat is Not Impressed by TIME’s Photoshoot // Take Shape bikini from Anthropologie // Blooms photo as found on This-Is-Glamorous //