Photo Diary: Labor Day Weekend

wow, sorry for the hiatus. to be fair though I have had a really awesome labor day weekend camping with friends and then catching the last day of Bumbershoot at the Seattle Center.

Lake Roosevelt, WA


our campsite ended up being about two hours further than I thought it would be (whoops). we drove 6 hours up to northeastern Washington to camp on the northern shore of Lake Roosevelt; the lake is almost 130 miles long so that’s probably where the extra two damn hours came from. needless to say, by the time we finally found it we were all sick and tiered of being in the car. if we had gone about 20 more miles we could have visited Canada! or at least looked across the boarder at Canada, only one or two of us actually had a passport. the lake wasn’t swimmable which was a real bummer. it was gorgeous but there were warnings for swimmer’s itch (there are no showers at the campground) and there were bugs hugging the shore of the lake that I was not particularly eager to swim with. however we stopped at sun lakes on the way back (I’ve been there on a previous camping trip and it’s a fun place to swim). otherwise the group site we stayed in was large and nice and we had a bit of privacy from the rest of the camp sites. the campground was well kept and clean, but also peaceful and quiet. the lake has a boat launch. if you ever get a chance to stay at the Evans campground I would go 🙂

IMG_20130902_025103 IMG_20130902_023655

Blog Post Edit: I decided to go back and add in some photos that my friend Julie took from our camping trip. a bit of scenery from our campsite and our lovely boys kicking back and getting along (probably talking about video games or computers but we love them anyway).


Bumbershoot Music Festival

bumbershoot was a lot of fun too, although not everyone in our group had that much fun (we had a Russian guest with us). ryan really loves Alt-J so we got into Key Arena to see them. I was very impressed by their performance, they sound amazing live. the greatest disappointment was MGMT though, their performance was terrible and many people left early. including ryan and I when we decided we didn’t want to stick out another 40min. the sound mixing was bad and the drums drowned out everyone including the singer; you couldn’t hear a word he said even on the one song he played that I knew (I didn’t even stick around for him to play my favorite songs, that’s how bad it was). some other bands saved the day though, including a new band we found called the Kopecky Family Band (they’re not actually related…) and one of my favorite bands, The Joy Formidable! I also liked listening to Delta Rae at the Starbucks Stage. the joy formidable put on a great show though, despite having some sort of equipment malfunction after their second song. the female lead is an adorable welsh blond who shreds on the guitar, it was amazing!

IMG_20130902_212950 IMG_20130903_155412
IMG_20130903_162016 thejoyformidable

I had such an amazing weekend with my boyfriend and friends, it was great! I actually learned a lot about my friends this weekend, and I feel closer to some people now than I did before. it was the sort of weekend that could very well stand as my end of summer finale as we all start thinking about going back to school and as the weather begins to get cold again. I don’t want it to end, but this has been one of the best summers ever and is probably the first summer that didn’t feel like it went top fast and which I don’t feel like I wasted (although I would love to get me some more summer, don’t get me wrong!). i’m moving into my townhouse this Saturday, and just signed away most of my savings for it (tear, sliding down my cheek) and my Seattle academic life will resume again. I may try to fit some more events in before school starts, but for the most part summer is over now. its been real.

Note: I didn’t get a picture of the joy formidable so I borrowed this one.




The Art of Killing Time: July Photo Diary (+ Happy Friday!)

first off, I just edited this post because it realized it actually (the end of) Friday soooo, Happy Friday! it’s amazing to me how every single summer my vacation seems to go by in the blink of en eye, without seeming to have done anything at all. so I asked myself, what is it that I actually do with my time? and it turns out, I just fill my days with lots of little things. so while my summer might not be marked with tons and tons of epic European and tropical vacations, week long camping trips, summer music festivals and parties, I still do a bit more than just lay in bed or sit on the couch all day and watch the sun rise and set every day (although I do still fit that into my schedule here and there).

for example, I spend lots of time with my dog Sam! we took him to a lake recently to see if he would swim, and while he was very hesitant and unsure of himself, he swam! so much fun, I really want to take him out again. he seems to like the water which is a lot of fun.
IMG_20130731_131523 IMG_20130731_130657
IMG_20130725_164142 IMG_20130805_191621

I also like to go on little hikes and trail walks with him and my sisters. since we live in an apartment and we don’t have a fenced yard he doesn’t get out as often and I hate to say it but he’s a little bit pudgy. he definitely jiggles!! so these walks are nice because it gets my sisters and I out of the house on a nice day, all of us get exercise and have a little bit of fun (except for when we manage to get lost, and we’re tired, and didn’t bring enough water with us. then that’s when it’s time to call it quits). but the best part to me is that when we get home, the dog is out!! like a light. he’s so hyper and to energetic and we could spend and hour playing fetch and tug of war (his annoyingly favorite game) and he just won’t tire. so when we get him laid out its awesome!

IMG_20130801_141450 IMG_20130726_164803

after that it’s just all about the even littler things. I do things like paint my nails (this particular color may actually be a bit dark and is better suited for winter but I like it so I wore it anyway!). my sisters and I go to hang out at our local Starbucks. my sister amy actually got a stuffed giraffe from a friend who was in California (her nickname is the Dribbling Giraffe, she got it on the basketball court and it stuck!). I watch movies in the theatre with my friends and sisters. I talk to my sisters about our favorite tv shows. we watch Dance Moms, Teen Wolf (yea…), The Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds, Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model. i’ll go to a lake or lay by the pool on a hot day. I have a handsome young man I get to see all the time and talk to every day (we are going on a day trip tomorrow!), I work occasionally at Emerald Downs racetrack (today I got to work in the winner’s circle!).so although it seems in hindsight like I do absolutely something and lay on the couch all day like a lazy moose, I actually fill my time with lots of little things and spend time with the people closest to me. so I guess I can’t complain.




Photo Diary: 7/26 – 7/27


since I know pictures are more interesting to most people than words (I, myself, find myself looking more through the photos on other peoples’ blogs rather than reading through the actual content), I think a photo diary comprised mostly of my instagram photos is fitting (I don’t have a super expensive super fancy camera so obviously my photos won’t compare to those of other super talented and super annoying bloggers out in the world). basically my sisters and I hung out for a while at a starbucks near our house where Daley and I were greeted with a little orange and spotted visitor who decided to get friendly and stay for a while. the next day I went to lake tapps with some friends. luckily the weather has been very kind to us! in Washington you just never know, no matter what time of year it is.

IMG_20130727_173246 IMG_20130726_173020
IMG_20130726_173709 IMG_20130726_153412



Photo Diary: July 13

no matter where we are, as long as we have each other and at least one camera, my sisters and I have a good time! the gay pride festival (my aunt wanted to go) in downtown Tacoma last weekend provided an excellent opportunity. downtown Tacoma has so many beautiful brick buildings with that old-town charm. photo ops just fly out at you as you walk down the street, and we seize upon as many of them as we can.

IMG_20130714_081410 IMG_20130714_081644
IMG_20130714_082057 IMG_20130714_082442

there are several graffiti walls in Tacoma which are amazing, pictures there turn out great! to say the least, time spent with my sisters is always great. it goes without saying that there were definitely some interesting characters at the festivals. lots of drag queens and cross dressers, some more well done-up than others. a highlight was definitely me jumping into the middle of three nearly-naked guys and asking for my picture with them. now i’m not opposed to gay rights; I don’t mind letting these people live the way that they want to live however I will admit that it does make me uncomfortable. seeing a same-sex couple in public kissing or being touchy feely just makes me feel like I want to stare out of curiosity but then I quickly look away because I don’t want to feel rude by staring and it just makes me feel awkward. then again, public breast feeding makes me feel uncomfortable and awkward as well.


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Happy Friday!: Photo Diary for 6/28

beach w text beach2

the sun has finally arrived!! and I actually managed to wake myself up at a decent time this morning so all in all I would say that it has been a good day. I started it off with making some pancakes. it’s slow going, our nice griddle was thrown away a while ago so I have to cook them one at a time in a pan but they were yummy and thick. my sisters and I actually pick them up with our hands and eat them as is. best way to do it, no syrup necessary. we also spent some time at the pool (I keep saying beach) today and soaked up some sun and enjoyed the water! it looks like more great weather is on the way, I can’t wait!

For dinner I cooked some homemade chicken noodle soup. it was waaaay to hot for that kind of food (hot enough for me to get a pitcher and pour some water on my dog, I don’t think he appreciated it much but I did it out of love!) but it was yummy!!! my sister and I have both had about three bowls each and still counting. nothing like homemade food. enjoy your weekends, all!

IMG_20130628_115804 IMG_20130628_175047
IMG_20130628_174356 IMG_20130628_115250

Endnote: The Heat came out today! I really want to see it, it looks so funny. It’s on my “to see” list. I’m also waiting for Despicable Me 2 which will be out on July 2. It’s probably the funniest cartoon that I can remember seeing, the minions really make it!



Social Media…Tuesday

That doesn’t rhyme or go together at all and probably won’t end up being a thing, but whatever. Now I’ll admit I was slow to get onto the Instagram train. I’ll also admit that I am not very popular on Instagram (I just recently broke my 20s streak and got 30 followers. I was pretty excited). While I’m not exactly out for a big follower count (although I can’t deny that that would be pretty cool), I do have to insert a plug on how annoying it is when someone on Instagram has like 5 pictures posted (none of them good if I’m being honest, and most of them selfies under poor quality lighting) yet have hundreds of followers. How does that happen? Also have to insert a plug on how annoying it is when people post spam comments on tons of my pictures (and others) trying to get us to join their Trains and websites to try and get more followers. Which I can’t do because I really am not interested in following 20+ people with mediocre and just bad quality and having their photos fill up my dashboard all for the sake of a follow-back. Not interested in selling my soul for a follower, thank you very much! I do still Instagram for fun and really love the app! It’s a pretty awesome invention. Not exactly genius, but awesome nonetheless.

Endnote I am in desperate need of a means for creating better quality pictures without spending lots of money on fancy software (including photoshop). The free version of Photofiltre isn’t cutting it, it’s killing me!!