Favorite Little Pins: Rustic Love

before I forget, Happy Friday everyone (or at least its Friday evening for me, despite what time zone WordPress seems to think I live in). and for what seems like the millionth time, I apologize to anyone who is waiting for the Liebster Award post. it’s been saved as a draft for like two weeks and I still need to think of some of my own questions and pick 11 nominees (which takes considerable time on its own and which I haven’t sat down with enough dedication to do). it will come eventually.

in the meantime, i’m doing another Favorite Little Pins segment. these are fun for me to do and put together, in addition to my styleboards. i’m in love with this campfire photograph by Steven Leonti, as well as the light wash living area with bare wood and the “naked” cake (frosting-less cakes seem to have become popular lately. my own friend Mariya made one last month). and while its been hard for us Washingtonians to visualize this week (we had a couple of days of really hot weather!), chunky sweater season is just around the corner! that and rain boots (waterproof shoes are a must or you will not make it long in seattle).

fav little pins3 arrow

chunky gray sweater & amethyst necklace // fire photo on Flickr // mixed berry naked cake with sparkler cake topper // living room photo

I’ve been slowly moving into my townhouse in seattle. I can’t wait to start unpacking my things and start taking pictures of it to show you guys! until I fall into my autumn routine, blog posts may be scattered and inconsistent for the next couple weeks so bear with me! feel free to drop me comments and like this post.




The Art of Killing Time: July Photo Diary (+ Happy Friday!)

first off, I just edited this post because it realized it actually (the end of) Friday soooo, Happy Friday! it’s amazing to me how every single summer my vacation seems to go by in the blink of en eye, without seeming to have done anything at all. so I asked myself, what is it that I actually do with my time? and it turns out, I just fill my days with lots of little things. so while my summer might not be marked with tons and tons of epic European and tropical vacations, week long camping trips, summer music festivals and parties, I still do a bit more than just lay in bed or sit on the couch all day and watch the sun rise and set every day (although I do still fit that into my schedule here and there).

for example, I spend lots of time with my dog Sam! we took him to a lake recently to see if he would swim, and while he was very hesitant and unsure of himself, he swam! so much fun, I really want to take him out again. he seems to like the water which is a lot of fun.
IMG_20130731_131523 IMG_20130731_130657
IMG_20130725_164142 IMG_20130805_191621

I also like to go on little hikes and trail walks with him and my sisters. since we live in an apartment and we don’t have a fenced yard he doesn’t get out as often and I hate to say it but he’s a little bit pudgy. he definitely jiggles!! so these walks are nice because it gets my sisters and I out of the house on a nice day, all of us get exercise and have a little bit of fun (except for when we manage to get lost, and we’re tired, and didn’t bring enough water with us. then that’s when it’s time to call it quits). but the best part to me is that when we get home, the dog is out!! like a light. he’s so hyper and to energetic and we could spend and hour playing fetch and tug of war (his annoyingly favorite game) and he just won’t tire. so when we get him laid out its awesome!

IMG_20130801_141450 IMG_20130726_164803

after that it’s just all about the even littler things. I do things like paint my nails (this particular color may actually be a bit dark and is better suited for winter but I like it so I wore it anyway!). my sisters and I go to hang out at our local Starbucks. my sister amy actually got a stuffed giraffe from a friend who was in California (her nickname is the Dribbling Giraffe, she got it on the basketball court and it stuck!). I watch movies in the theatre with my friends and sisters. I talk to my sisters about our favorite tv shows. we watch Dance Moms, Teen Wolf (yea…), The Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds, Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model. i’ll go to a lake or lay by the pool on a hot day. I have a handsome young man I get to see all the time and talk to every day (we are going on a day trip tomorrow!), I work occasionally at Emerald Downs racetrack (today I got to work in the winner’s circle!).so although it seems in hindsight like I do absolutely something and lay on the couch all day like a lazy moose, I actually fill my time with lots of little things and spend time with the people closest to me. so I guess I can’t complain.




Photo Diary: 7/26 – 7/27


since I know pictures are more interesting to most people than words (I, myself, find myself looking more through the photos on other peoples’ blogs rather than reading through the actual content), I think a photo diary comprised mostly of my instagram photos is fitting (I don’t have a super expensive super fancy camera so obviously my photos won’t compare to those of other super talented and super annoying bloggers out in the world). basically my sisters and I hung out for a while at a starbucks near our house where Daley and I were greeted with a little orange and spotted visitor who decided to get friendly and stay for a while. the next day I went to lake tapps with some friends. luckily the weather has been very kind to us! in Washington you just never know, no matter what time of year it is.

IMG_20130727_173246 IMG_20130726_173020
IMG_20130726_173709 IMG_20130726_153412



Happy Friday: Birthday Edition


so even though this post is delayed and its technically neither Friday nor my birthday anymore, we are just going to overrule the technicality and pretend that it is so roll with it. my 20th birthday has not been like other birthdays. for one thing, I am spending it in the hospital. my grandfather has had a heart attack so the family is here waiting for him to be woken up and crossing our fingers that all is well. the doctors cooled his core body temperature down to about 34 degrees and put him under sedation. soon they will begin to slowly warm him up and bring him out of his sleep.

apparently he didn’t recognize the symptoms at first and didn’t realize that he was having a heart attack. he lasted through the pain for several days before finally going to the hospital. the doctor said that if he had waited another day he might not have made it. talk about a close call. but I am confident that he will be alright, he is a strong old man! my father is having a hard time dealing with the fact that his father is laying in a hospital bed (my grandmother died a few years ago) and so my sisters and i try to distract him and make him laugh. he seems to appreciate it.

image image

my birthday today has been a mix of happy birthdays and I’m sorry’s, two phrases which make a weird mixture. and while no one wants to spend their birthday in a hospital, I have nonetheless found myself surrounded by loving family. they touched me by going downstairs to the cafe and buying me a pink cupcake with a candle on top. my cousins even went down to the gift shop and bought me a UW Huskies license plate holder for my car, I appreciated this little gesture from them a lot (even though the u in “HUSKIES” is falling out and needs to be glued back in haha). I got lots of birthday wishes and lots of thoughts and prayers for my grandpa today so I really can’t complain.

tonight is going to be a long night, hopefully I’m able to catch a little bit of sleep before getting up in the morning to check on my grandpa then get ready to leave for my first ever sounders soccer game tomorrow. a guy i knew from high school is taking me. I’m excited for the game but at the same time I want to shy away from the idea of a date. half of me really wants to move on but the other half of me isn’t ready to yet. I know that I should not hold out for something that I don’t know is coming for sure, but I just can’t quite let go yet. just a little bit longer….

From the hospital,


Happy Friday!: Photo Diary for 6/28

beach w text beach2

the sun has finally arrived!! and I actually managed to wake myself up at a decent time this morning so all in all I would say that it has been a good day. I started it off with making some pancakes. it’s slow going, our nice griddle was thrown away a while ago so I have to cook them one at a time in a pan but they were yummy and thick. my sisters and I actually pick them up with our hands and eat them as is. best way to do it, no syrup necessary. we also spent some time at the pool (I keep saying beach) today and soaked up some sun and enjoyed the water! it looks like more great weather is on the way, I can’t wait!

For dinner I cooked some homemade chicken noodle soup. it was waaaay to hot for that kind of food (hot enough for me to get a pitcher and pour some water on my dog, I don’t think he appreciated it much but I did it out of love!) but it was yummy!!! my sister and I have both had about three bowls each and still counting. nothing like homemade food. enjoy your weekends, all!

IMG_20130628_115804 IMG_20130628_175047
IMG_20130628_174356 IMG_20130628_115250

Endnote: The Heat came out today! I really want to see it, it looks so funny. It’s on my “to see” list. I’m also waiting for Despicable Me 2 which will be out on July 2. It’s probably the funniest cartoon that I can remember seeing, the minions really make it!



Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Well, technically Happy almost Friday. But it’s not like anyone is actually looking at this anyway, so whose to judge? Besides, once the end of the day nears on Thursday my mind has already moved on to Friday! Just picks up it’s purse and walks off in it’s prissy heals complaining “I am SO over this.” I get to listen to the tap tapping of My Mind’s shoes as it walks away and leaves me a virtual zombie until Friday. Thanks.

But it’s never too early to start thinking about what to do over the weekend when you’re finally free from work and school (for anyone shaking their head and bitterly muttering “speak for youself,” I apologize). For everyone else, here’s my suggestions!

Seeing a movie is usually a good time, plus it’s relaxing to kick back, gobble down some movie theatre popcorn (there’s just something about it! You can’t get that kind of popcorn at home!) and enjoy a movie with friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend. I personally am waiting for The Great Gatsby and 42 (which I think just opened today and is about Jackie Robinson as the first black baseball player).

There’s always the option of seeing your significant other over the weekend and go on a nice date! (To make it REALLY a romantic evening, make sure he brings roses. Always the roses for me if he’s serious lol). Maybe even combine a date night and a movie. Sounds like a quick way out but it really is an enjoyable time.

With sparklers, of course 🙂 But really, just a get together at a friend’s house is plenty of fun too! Make it a potluck so there’ll be lots of yummy food available (or not if your friends don’t actually bring anything. Not like that’s happened to me before or anything…). Turn on some music and it’ll be a nice time.