Favorite Little Pins: Black&White (Oh, and Food)

so, here’s the deal: I am a pinterest whore. seriously. #confessionsofayoungadult. I am pinning things all the time, I always have lots of pretty pictures and tempting products filtering through my homepage. so much inspiration and so many great ideas. the site has a wealth of fashion pictures, apartment and home ideas, links to cool and helpful articles, yummy and beautiful recipes, DIY projects, you name it. if you don’t have a Pinterest account I highly recommend that you do so!

(Disclaimer: Pinterest is a highly addicting website and may countless hours in your day. possible outcomes include but are not limited to failing to study for your exams, putting off your homework, losing track of time, forgetting to do simple tasks, exhibiting obsessive behavior towards your computer or other computerized device, and experiencing a sharp rush of excitement upon finding an amazing new site, product, or DIY. user discretion is advised.)

also Keep is an amazing place. it’s almost just like pinterest but it has a slightly smaller and more selective community. plus the design of the site is both simple and stunning, kudos to the web designer.

and on one last note, I just found out today that I have hit 500 followers on pinerest! so exciting, thanks everyone!

fav little pins2

Recipe File: Penne With Marinated Tomatoes & Mozzarella // Outfit, source unknown // IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN art print // Recipe: Garlic Knots // Rugby Stripe Bins

in short, get a pinterest account. follow me. above are some recent pins I like. cheers.




Styleboard: Orange County

here’s a new board that I put together recently with some little items that I have really been loving. an orangey theme brings it together, and I think that is a key element when putting together your own styleboard or inspiration board or whatever your name for such a thing is (i’m pretty sure styleboard itself isn’t actually a word but I use it anyway!). my favorite boards are ones that just naturally come together on their own. i’ll see two or three images side by side and realize that there is an element common to them that just makes them intertwine and sparks my inner creativity. for me this is usually a color but it can also be a material or a certain category of product or a particular pattern that inspires you. then once I have a couple of central elements I look for some accompanying pieces and arrange them around each other. it is important to choose pictures and products that you actually like and/or want, otherwise you won’t really like you own board at all and it will feel like you’re making a mandatory homework project for school. very tedious and not very fun.

styleboard 3

1 I love my city Print from Etsy // 2 Avery Leather Sandals from Calypso St. Barth // 3 Avery Key Ring // 4 Turkish hammam towels // 5 Palma Leather Crossbody Camera Satchel

they might seem simple and modest at first, but the more you make the more ideas you might think of and the more you can play around with arranging the photos, adding text, using color and design elements. I’ve only made a couple and am still playing with them. but do not try to force it! if you can’t find images or products that make you feel excited and go well together, don’t get frustrated. try to look somewhere else or just wait for you to casually come upon things. sites like Pinterest and Keep are great places to look. so go ahead and try making a styleboard of your own!



[Almost] Meeting Candice Swanepoel

that’s right. almost. literally, if I had arrived to the mall yesterday about 20-30min earlier my sisters and I would have been able to get in to meet and take a picture with the lovely and completely amazing Victoria’s Secret Angel, Candice Swanepoel. so close. the line got cut off right before us, and we could stand there and look in and see her. at the beginning and end of the meet and greet she walked out in front of the crowd of crazy clamoring people to say hi (and at the end “i’m sorry” to all of the people who weren’t able to actually meet her). she’s so lovely in person, even her blond pony tail was perfect. my heart admittedly skipped a couple beats when I first saw her come out. i’m excited to have at least been able to be close to her though and see her in person. maybe another time if she ever comes this way again!

one snag though was that they had a VIP line for people who made a swimwear purchase of $75 or more, which got to go first. however they kept adding to the VIP line and people kept joining it. they didn’t close the VIP line until 6:00, half way through the event. then once we waited for the rest of them to go through, THEN (with about 45-50min left of the event) the rest of us got to go (and at one point there were 100s before reps went around and told people that they weren’t going to get in). we just came up short, I should have just gone and made the $75 purchase and then come back another day to return the stuff!!! #nexttime


if you go onto Instagram and search #Angels2Seattle you can find a lot of the pictures from her being in “Seattle” (it was actually Bellevue, NOT Seattle, which made the constant incorrect reference by the VS staff and reps a bit annoying). but I have to say, I have a new view now. every time my sisters and I see pictures of her in catalogs and online and in the stores we look at them and think “OMG, we saw her in person!!” tell me that’s not cool?

IMG_20130711_194256 also, for anyone who doesn’t already know, Victoria’s Secret is doing a promo right now where you get a free water bottle with a mini dog inside with any PINK purchase. online and in stores until about the 15th so jump on that opportunity if you can!! my sister and I snagged some of the last ones at our store near us today.



Summer Shop


i took a huge chunk out of my shopping list today! Target really is amazing for the shopper on a budget without completely sacrificing your personal style. i was able to snag these Merona sandals for $15. in the long term i might buy a nicer, better-quality (and thus more expensive) pair of sandals somewhere else but for now these will do! i have absolutely none left, Sam chewed up all of my sandals last summer. they look really nice actually on your feet (granted that your toenails are painted. my aunt once made fun of my naked toes so now i’m a tad self conscious on that front and try to keep them painted and pretty!). i also got myself an actual beach towel. no more short drab bath towel for me! i also finally went for the aviator sunglasses, walking away with a decent pair of gold-rimmed aviators with pink sides. on another plus note, my new victoria’s secret bikini finally arrived today! i’ve been waiting for the bottoms to arrive, i ordered the top over a month ago during the online semi-annual sale. love Victoria’s secret.

IMG_20130702_164945 IMG_20130702_161439
IMG_20130702_160855 IMG_20130702_160457

after getting an iced caramel macchiato from starbucks (as a Seattleite i worship starbucks, even Sam can’t resist!), i enjoyed a little bit of time in “the backyard” (seeing as how it’s shared by all the other people in my family’s apartment building, it’s not actually MY yard) with Sam. he can be really annoying but he’s a great little guy, woman’s best friend right there. as Mark Twain once said, the more i learn about people the more i love my dog!


almost the 4th of July everyone!!! who is doing something fun?
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Styleboard: Summer Lakeside Picnic

although the sunny weather continues to elude us here in Washington (#Figures), I have been promised that some amazing weather is on the way! also I have my lakeside camping trip over the 4th of july weekend on my mind! with the help of a site I found called Keep I have made some pretty awesome finds. i’m still narrowing down what I think i’ll need for the trip. I definitely still want to plan out a 4th of july outfit complete with flags and stars and red white and blue or any combination of the above. and I need a beach towel as well, i’ll probably hit up Target for that. i’m counting down the days already!


‘Ally’ Retro Sunglasses from Nordstrom // Pink Stripe Tablecloth // Flat Thong Sandals with Buckle // Chain Dinner Plates // Scallop Edge Bikini // BROMMO Chaise Lounge Chair



Styleboard: Stripes & Denim

I don’t shop all that often. when you’re a college student working a part-time minimum wage job you don’t make much more than pocket change and shopping sprees are a luxury you literally can’t afford. that is, unless you can handle the guilt you feel later for spending all of your money and if you can handle the feeling of being broke until your next paycheck (longest two weeks ever). can’t even go get frozen yogurt or a cup of expensive Seattle coffee with a friend unless they’re paying! suffice it to say, I can’t really handle it. live and learn.

that doesn’t keep me from window shopping, though. below are some style picks I made mostly off of Pinterest. I really do think my closet needs a jean jacket. I haven’t had one since I was a kid and they are finally back in style. for whatever reason I always get caught up when I go to pay $30 for one. it seems a tad much (recall the college student budget) but the fact that I keep coming back to the jean jacket over and over and over again month after month tells me that I need to finally cowgirl up and buy one. also I keep coming to the black and white striped shirts, I’ve been seeing them a lot lately and really love the versatility of the piece. most recently I saw one being worn by Kate on The Fancy Pants Report. I think this piece may become a new closet staple for me.

style list

1 Denim Jacket from Target // 2 Handbag from Prada // 3 Panama Hat from J. Crew // 4 Slingback Boardwalk Sandal from Madewell // 5 Factory Printed Draped Tee from J. Crew

Note: The link for the Prada bag fell down the rabbit hole of tumblr and pinterest so I have no idea if it’s still available or where to get it.



Girl Fever

so if you know anything about girls, it’s this: we love to shop. we shop to reward ourselves, we shop to make ourselves feel better, we shop when we are bored and we shop just to spend quality time with our girl friends. do we waste lots of money this way? yes, probably. do we sometimes buy things we don’t need? yes, we do. do we sometimes buy a shirt and wear it only once before retiring it to the depths of our closet to lie alone and forgotten until we dig it up again months later, forgetting we even had it? unfortunately, it happens. i call these impulse buys. to guard against this, generally I try to adopt a 24hr policy, and it works best with online purchases. if you see something you want, don’t buy it right away. if 24 hours passes and you still want it, go get it. it doesn’t always work, but it helps. next means of keeping your money safely in your wallet is to look at things that are actually outside of your price range. not exactly healthy. if anything it actually makes you bitter towards the people who can actually afford to throw away lots of money on such things, but hey. not all plans are perfect.

in the vein of shopping (and also of complete boredom), I have also looked through my Wishlist board on Pinterest and pulled out some of my favorite fashion shopping finds! unfortunately, most of these products aren’t available in stores anymore so some of the links are hard to set up but that doesn’t make the clothes any less lovely.


Shirt from La Garconne // MOTO Black Skinny Jeans from Topshop // Gold Flats // Gold Thimble Ring from LYLIF