Pony Up Equine Rescue

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Last week I went with the UW Equestrian Team to Pony Up Rescue For Equines in Olalla, WA. They are an amazing group of people and put all of their time and efforts into sheltering and re-homing horses. One of their most recent new additions is the bay foal Zoey, taken out of the kill pen in the Enumclaw auction. She was weaned that day by idiot owners who drove their trailer onto the grounds, led the mare and her foal into the auction pen and walked the mare out of the pen while slamming the door on poor baby. Loaded up the mare and drove away. What bastards! By the time she came up in the auction no one else bid on her so Pony Up, bless their hearts, took baby Zoey home. Poor thing was infested with worms, mud scratched and rain rot. She’s doing so well right now though with her mini surrogate, Violet, and has even been adopted! She will be heading to her new home soon.

Stephanie and I went around and groomed the horses. Winston, with me in one of the pictures above, is one of two horses on the farm not up for adoption but he is a lover! Stephanie was particularly sweet on him! Next door was a big dark bay named Church who has been on the property for a while. He’s had double suspensory surgery and can’t really do much riding. He’s also a bit of a bully towards other horses so re-homing him seems to be a bit difficult. He had a nice little gash in his side when we went in to groom him so we had to clean that out a bit. Probably got beat up by Winston. Probably deserved it, too.

One of my favorites was the next in line, Weikaya!! Massively huge warmblood, a bit on the older side but trained in dressage. He’s a gorgeous guy, a bit head shy and cautious though. Valentine and JR, the two chestnuts, were chilling out in the pasture together. They thought it would be funny to run around and have us chase them, apparently. We had given up and decided to go back to the barn when JR decided that he was done with his shenanigans and came over willingly. We hoped that bringing him down to the barn would prompt Valentine to follow (he doesn’t really seem to know what to do with himself without his pasture pal), but he’s the most cautious horse on the farm and although he did come close, he didn’t come close enough to be haltered. Old guy wouldn’t fall for the trick. We had to let that one go. Point for Valentine.

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I’ve only been out to the farm twice but I’ve come to find that I really love going and being involved with helping out. These horses are amazing animals and it is sad that most of them have come to this point. Some of them will be pasture pets, never to do any serious riding again. I would love to home one of these horses but I have neither the place nor the means to care for them. All I can do is care for them now while they’re here and recovering before they move on to their next (and hopefully last!) home. Good luck, guys!