On Simplicity in Design (and Free Stuff!)


When it comes to design, I really do appreciate simplicity. Clean lines, minimal bells and whistles. Just a few key elements that are direct and to the point. Not a rude, blunt, matter-of-fact directness, but a pleasant, professional “here I am and here is what you want.”  Sometimes a beautiful image and a good font is all you need. Well, that and a good editor.

My favorite for simple yet beautiful graphics is an app for iPhone and iPad called Over. It allows you to add artwork and text to any image you want, and the results can be amazing (see one of my old birthday posts here for an example). The app is about $4, and there are free graphics and fonts available within the app to use as well as additional artwork and fonts that you can pay for. Each add-on pack is $0.99, and for about $5 you can get “The Big Pack” that gives you access to a good chunk of the graphics and fonts available in the app. For around the price of a cup of coffee (or two), this app won’t disappoint in creating simple and beautiful graphics.

Because I appreciate free stuff, I also want to bring your attention to an amazing (emphasis on the amazing), website for free, high-resolution stock photos called Unsplash. The photos are free for commercial and personal use, and some of the photos are stunning (the photo in this post is by Larry Chen). If you’re like me and are hopeless with photography, finding sources like these will go a long way towards providing high-quality images on your blog or website.



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