chanel The Basics: My name is Kayla and I’m a 20 year old college student at the University of Washington, interested in blogging and design as a hobby with a plan to major in Anthropology. I also love horseback riding and am in my second season on the UW Equestrian Team. I live in Seattle, and there are parts of the city that I love and parts of it that I hate. The multitude of Starbucks and coffee shops are awesome. Their hours are not (most of them close so early). Some of the sights around the city and on the college campus are breathtaking. The constant rain and wind is not.

Family: I have two younger sisters and a black-tri Australian Shepherd named Sam! He battles my boyfriend for my affections 😉 … Unless my boyfriend is actually around, in which case I battle both of them for their affections.

Travel: I’ve never really been anywhere except Canada for a brief daytrip but I would love to visit New Zealand, Australia, London, Paris, and Italy one day! Hopefully I get myself onto a study abroad trip while in college.

but most importantly…..

This Blog: This blog serves as a lifestyle diary as well as includes some fun and exciting little things like my personal styleboards which I use for inspiration (and which are just plain fun to make sometimes), some fun and interesting Starbucks recipes for those looking for something new at Seattle’s favorite café, movie reviews, and more. Also if you just want to look at some pictures of my dog, there’s that too.

Remember to follow my blog! Cheers!

IMG_20130302_160212 IMG_20130302_160024

Above: My little sisters and I. Daley (in the black dress) and Amy (in the white dress)



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