Hop on over to my new blog!

Hey all! Thanks to everyone that had followed this blog. It’s been a lot of fun, however I have decided to make the leap over to a different blog hosting website. I go back and forth between Blogger and WordPress, and while WordPress has much better analytics and content management features, the blog customization options themselves are way too limited on the free version of WordPress (and I’m not yet at the point where feel that it’s worth it to pay to host my blog). You can’t even edit fonts or theme colors without upgrading to the paid version of WordPress, and it has been a huge creative hindrance towards the creation of a blog that I really love (and love to look at!).

So that being said, you can now find my newest posts over here on Blogger. I have a lot more freedom to edit the HTML and other features of my blog, and while I will miss a lot of the features of WordPress I think it will be a better move for me overall. Go ahead and hop over and visit me!

Thank you again,




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