The Golden Girl Has Arrived

iphone 5s

now i am going to approach this from a completely superficial and non-technical standpoint and say that i am ridiculously excited about the new iphone 5s because bitches this phone is GOLD! (pardon my language). champagne if you want to be all legitimate about it, which i don’t. gold is my color! i love gold everything. gold things just draw me in like a moth to a lamp. and then the moth proceeds to slam into the bright shiny orb over and over and over again because damn that thing is bright and beautiful and it just wants to be a part of it! when my upgrade comes up around December i might actually go for the new iphone. it seems like every time i go for an upgrade i go in pretty confident that i want an iphone then i actually start looking at phones and find so many others that i like more! my last two phones have been androids and i have been pretty happy with them. when i actually look around i always seem to wake up and realize that the iphone is pretty, she’s just not exactly at the top of her graduating class anymore. however this new golden girl on the scene might finally win me over! (apparently i have decided that the iphone is a feminine object).

now the one thing that might make this gal a deal breaker is the size of her screen. having had androids i’m very used to the large screen and i’m not sure i can happily go down to a smaller screen size. i’m sure i’m one of the many disappointed people who realized when the iphone 5 came out that they just made the screen wider, not smaller. make it a little bit taller still and the thing would start to feel like a touch screen remote control in my hand. i could probably actually make the phone into a remote control (my boyfriend recently showed me how his S4 could control my tv!). i still have a few more months to decide but i think i will finally cash in on my first iphone. try something new. if i hate it then i’ll turn and run back into the arms of android and hope they take me back.



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