Favorite Little Pins: Rustic Love

before I forget, Happy Friday everyone (or at least its Friday evening for me, despite what time zone WordPress seems to think I live in). and for what seems like the millionth time, I apologize to anyone who is waiting for the Liebster Award post. it’s been saved as a draft for like two weeks and I still need to think of some of my own questions and pick 11 nominees (which takes considerable time on its own and which I haven’t sat down with enough dedication to do). it will come eventually.

in the meantime, i’m doing another Favorite Little Pins segment. these are fun for me to do and put together, in addition to my styleboards. i’m in love with this campfire photograph by Steven Leonti, as well as the light wash living area with bare wood and the “naked” cake (frosting-less cakes seem to have become popular lately. my own friend Mariya made one last month). and while its been hard for us Washingtonians to visualize this week (we had a couple of days of really hot weather!), chunky sweater season is just around the corner! that and rain boots (waterproof shoes are a must or you will not make it long in seattle).

fav little pins3 arrow

chunky gray sweater & amethyst necklace // fire photo on Flickr // mixed berry naked cake with sparkler cake topper // living room photo

I’ve been slowly moving into my townhouse in seattle. I can’t wait to start unpacking my things and start taking pictures of it to show you guys! until I fall into my autumn routine, blog posts may be scattered and inconsistent for the next couple weeks so bear with me! feel free to drop me comments and like this post.




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