hey guys! I thought i’d take this opportunity to highlight a site I have mentioned before in some of my posts, Keep. it’s very similar to Pinterest except the products on the site are all hand-selected by a team of people (bloggers, designers, etc.) so the products and items on the site are much more selective. however anyone can make an account and you can “keep” (equal to the “repin” feature on Pinterest) items and arrange them on boards just like the pin board site we all know and love (or if you don’t yet know about it yet, what the hell is wrong with you?). it’s just another really great resource for finding awesome clothes, jewelry, accessories, home décor and furniture, and finding really great ideas to gussy up your super awesome life in general.

keep screenshot2

keep screenshot

I (finally) just made an actual account so feel free to go on over and take a look at it, maybe see if a Keep account is something you’d like to try out (and if so, go ahead and follow me!).




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