Hiking to Annette Lake


here is a story that most everyone has heard before, because most everyone has those friends. the friends who aren’t the best at planning. the friends who leave everything to the last minute. and we all have that friend who had something come up last minute and couldn’t make it. and because that friend was giving a ride to another friend they aren’t going either. and because the group has suddenly become small another person isn’t going and wants to call the whole thing off. and the two remaining eager beavers who still would like to go try to talk their flaky friends into still coming but eventually resign themselves to failure: two just won’t work. and just like that the trip you have been planning and talking about for over a week falls apart. like a soft pull at the end of a string which so easily unravels your whole plan. we all have those friends. including me, but this time? it wasn’t happening!

IMG_20130803_185609 IMG_20130803_191436
IMG_20130803_120214 IMG_20130803_184828

us three remaining diehards formulated our final plan at about half past midnight, vowing to still partake in our planned hike. and it was a fun way to spend my Saturday. we chose to hike to Annette Lake in Snoqualmie Pass. the hike was 7.5 miles roundtrip with over a mile and a half of dreaded switchbacks (I hate them with a passion). but once the switchbacks ended and we got up to the top of the ridge the thick trees finally gave way to some spectacular views! this area and the north bend area have some of the best views, Washington truly is a beautiful and amazing place to hike if you ever get a chance!


~~ my friend Mariya (in the picture above) should have some more pictures from the hike up on her own blog soon, so keep an eye out for those! ~~

the lake was crystal clear and a brilliant turquoise color! the only major downside were the bugs that greeted us and then descended on us in giant clouds. I will definitely feel the soreness tomorrow but all in all it was a great workout, especially considering I gave up on my usual workouts as soon as school got out and my summer vacation hit (which I feel guilty about, naturally). I also got to spend some time with my new guy friend (we actually went and saw The Heat which ended up being one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time, including the time I saw This is the End. I hated that dumb movie, and lots of the time I laughed just because the guy I was with laughed) and am pleased to announce that despite my initial doubts I am beginning to really, truly enjoy myself with him and feel like i’m enjoying myself with and feeling appreciated by a guy for the first time in what seems like a long time (but which really has only been about 8 months since I felt like my ex boyfriend didn’t care much for me anymore).

and while i’m not eager to get up and go to work tomorrow (work will be really awkward since the a lot of people seem to have gotten themselves in trouble with the boss and i’m being brought in to replace some people and be a good example which means i’m getting a bit of resentment), i’ll have most of the rest of the week off to hopefully get some sleep back and rest up and relax. summer is half way over everyone! start getting in your last-minute summer plans. ready. set. GO!




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