Favorite Little Pins: Black&White (Oh, and Food)

so, here’s the deal: I am a pinterest whore. seriously. #confessionsofayoungadult. I am pinning things all the time, I always have lots of pretty pictures and tempting products filtering through my homepage. so much inspiration and so many great ideas. the site has a wealth of fashion pictures, apartment and home ideas, links to cool and helpful articles, yummy and beautiful recipes, DIY projects, you name it. if you don’t have a Pinterest account I highly recommend that you do so!

(Disclaimer: Pinterest is a highly addicting website and may countless hours in your day. possible outcomes include but are not limited to failing to study for your exams, putting off your homework, losing track of time, forgetting to do simple tasks, exhibiting obsessive behavior towards your computer or other computerized device, and experiencing a sharp rush of excitement upon finding an amazing new site, product, or DIY. user discretion is advised.)

also Keep is an amazing place. it’s almost just like pinterest but it has a slightly smaller and more selective community. plus the design of the site is both simple and stunning, kudos to the web designer.

and on one last note, I just found out today that I have hit 500 followers on pinerest! so exciting, thanks everyone!

fav little pins2

Recipe File: Penne With Marinated Tomatoes & Mozzarella // Outfit, source unknown // IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN art print // Recipe: Garlic Knots // Rugby Stripe Bins

in short, get a pinterest account. follow me. above are some recent pins I like. cheers.




7 thoughts on “Favorite Little Pins: Black&White (Oh, and Food)

  1. catchingzee

    I’m a HUGE pinterest fan as well. It’s seriously addicting and this just in: it’s about to start feeding my bad habit of online shopping. Maybe I’m a little late to the party, but apparently pinterest now lets you know when one of your pins drops in price, which is just absolutely brilliant…and only a little bit dangerous. I thought you might appreciate the news, but I also think you might be way ahead of me on this given your love of all things pinterest.

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