Photo Diary: 7/26 – 7/27


since I know pictures are more interesting to most people than words (I, myself, find myself looking more through the photos on other peoples’ blogs rather than reading through the actual content), I think a photo diary comprised mostly of my instagram photos is fitting (I don’t have a super expensive super fancy camera so obviously my photos won’t compare to those of other super talented and super annoying bloggers out in the world). basically my sisters and I hung out for a while at a starbucks near our house where Daley and I were greeted with a little orange and spotted visitor who decided to get friendly and stay for a while. the next day I went to lake tapps with some friends. luckily the weather has been very kind to us! in Washington you just never know, no matter what time of year it is.

IMG_20130727_173246 IMG_20130726_173020
IMG_20130726_173709 IMG_20130726_153412




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