Happy Friday: Birthday Edition


so even though this post is delayed and its technically neither Friday nor my birthday anymore, we are just going to overrule the technicality and pretend that it is so roll with it. my 20th birthday has not been like other birthdays. for one thing, I am spending it in the hospital. my grandfather has had a heart attack so the family is here waiting for him to be woken up and crossing our fingers that all is well. the doctors cooled his core body temperature down to about 34 degrees and put him under sedation. soon they will begin to slowly warm him up and bring him out of his sleep.

apparently he didn’t recognize the symptoms at first and didn’t realize that he was having a heart attack. he lasted through the pain for several days before finally going to the hospital. the doctor said that if he had waited another day he might not have made it. talk about a close call. but I am confident that he will be alright, he is a strong old man! my father is having a hard time dealing with the fact that his father is laying in a hospital bed (my grandmother died a few years ago) and so my sisters and i try to distract him and make him laugh. he seems to appreciate it.

image image

my birthday today has been a mix of happy birthdays and I’m sorry’s, two phrases which make a weird mixture. and while no one wants to spend their birthday in a hospital, I have nonetheless found myself surrounded by loving family. they touched me by going downstairs to the cafe and buying me a pink cupcake with a candle on top. my cousins even went down to the gift shop and bought me a UW Huskies license plate holder for my car, I appreciated this little gesture from them a lot (even though the u in “HUSKIES” is falling out and needs to be glued back in haha). I got lots of birthday wishes and lots of thoughts and prayers for my grandpa today so I really can’t complain.

tonight is going to be a long night, hopefully I’m able to catch a little bit of sleep before getting up in the morning to check on my grandpa then get ready to leave for my first ever sounders soccer game tomorrow. a guy i knew from high school is taking me. I’m excited for the game but at the same time I want to shy away from the idea of a date. half of me really wants to move on but the other half of me isn’t ready to yet. I know that I should not hold out for something that I don’t know is coming for sure, but I just can’t quite let go yet. just a little bit longer….

From the hospital,



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