Styleboard: Orange County

here’s a new board that I put together recently with some little items that I have really been loving. an orangey theme brings it together, and I think that is a key element when putting together your own styleboard or inspiration board or whatever your name for such a thing is (i’m pretty sure styleboard itself isn’t actually a word but I use it anyway!). my favorite boards are ones that just naturally come together on their own. i’ll see two or three images side by side and realize that there is an element common to them that just makes them intertwine and sparks my inner creativity. for me this is usually a color but it can also be a material or a certain category of product or a particular pattern that inspires you. then once I have a couple of central elements I look for some accompanying pieces and arrange them around each other. it is important to choose pictures and products that you actually like and/or want, otherwise you won’t really like you own board at all and it will feel like you’re making a mandatory homework project for school. very tedious and not very fun.

styleboard 3

1 I love my city Print from Etsy // 2 Avery Leather Sandals from Calypso St. Barth // 3 Avery Key Ring // 4 Turkish hammam towels // 5 Palma Leather Crossbody Camera Satchel

they might seem simple and modest at first, but the more you make the more ideas you might think of and the more you can play around with arranging the photos, adding text, using color and design elements. I’ve only made a couple and am still playing with them. but do not try to force it! if you can’t find images or products that make you feel excited and go well together, don’t get frustrated. try to look somewhere else or just wait for you to casually come upon things. sites like Pinterest and Keep are great places to look. so go ahead and try making a styleboard of your own!




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