Photo Diary: July 13

no matter where we are, as long as we have each other and at least one camera, my sisters and I have a good time! the gay pride festival (my aunt wanted to go) in downtown Tacoma last weekend provided an excellent opportunity. downtown Tacoma has so many beautiful brick buildings with that old-town charm. photo ops just fly out at you as you walk down the street, and we seize upon as many of them as we can.

IMG_20130714_081410 IMG_20130714_081644
IMG_20130714_082057 IMG_20130714_082442

there are several graffiti walls in Tacoma which are amazing, pictures there turn out great! to say the least, time spent with my sisters is always great. it goes without saying that there were definitely some interesting characters at the festivals. lots of drag queens and cross dressers, some more well done-up than others. a highlight was definitely me jumping into the middle of three nearly-naked guys and asking for my picture with them. now i’m not opposed to gay rights; I don’t mind letting these people live the way that they want to live however I will admit that it does make me uncomfortable. seeing a same-sex couple in public kissing or being touchy feely just makes me feel like I want to stare out of curiosity but then I quickly look away because I don’t want to feel rude by staring and it just makes me feel awkward. then again, public breast feeding makes me feel uncomfortable and awkward as well.


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