[Almost] Meeting Candice Swanepoel

that’s right. almost. literally, if I had arrived to the mall yesterday about 20-30min earlier my sisters and I would have been able to get in to meet and take a picture with the lovely and completely amazing Victoria’s Secret Angel, Candice Swanepoel. so close. the line got cut off right before us, and we could stand there and look in and see her. at the beginning and end of the meet and greet she walked out in front of the crowd of crazy clamoring people to say hi (and at the end “i’m sorry” to all of the people who weren’t able to actually meet her). she’s so lovely in person, even her blond pony tail was perfect. my heart admittedly skipped a couple beats when I first saw her come out. i’m excited to have at least been able to be close to her though and see her in person. maybe another time if she ever comes this way again!

one snag though was that they had a VIP line for people who made a swimwear purchase of $75 or more, which got to go first. however they kept adding to the VIP line and people kept joining it. they didn’t close the VIP line until 6:00, half way through the event. then once we waited for the rest of them to go through, THEN (with about 45-50min left of the event) the rest of us got to go (and at one point there were 100s before reps went around and told people that they weren’t going to get in). we just came up short, I should have just gone and made the $75 purchase and then come back another day to return the stuff!!! #nexttime


if you go onto Instagram and search #Angels2Seattle you can find a lot of the pictures from her being in “Seattle” (it was actually Bellevue, NOT Seattle, which made the constant incorrect reference by the VS staff and reps a bit annoying). but I have to say, I have a new view now. every time my sisters and I see pictures of her in catalogs and online and in the stores we look at them and think “OMG, we saw her in person!!” tell me that’s not cool?

IMG_20130711_194256 also, for anyone who doesn’t already know, Victoria’s Secret is doing a promo right now where you get a free water bottle with a mini dog inside with any PINK purchase. online and in stores until about the 15th so jump on that opportunity if you can!! my sister and I snagged some of the last ones at our store near us today.




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