Naked Pizza

today I got some dinner with friends to celebrate my friend Larisa’s graduation from community college. she is going into hotel management and even has a paid internship with awesome hours this summer. way to go, girl!! we went to Naked Pizza at Kent Station for dinner, a new pizza place which opened recently. it was thin crust pizza and actually not bad, however I would recommend building your own pizza instead of choosing from the options on their menu. the place has a California restaurant feel, I liked it. jars and exposed light bulb coils hung from the ceiling, some jars empty and some jars containing ingredients. unfortunately, my phone camera (Samsung Galaxy S3) was not really able to capture the jars and lights very well. photography woes.

nakedpizza4 nakedpizza6

I also love Naked Pizza because of their use of natural ingredients, similar to Chipotle. I find it promising and inspiring to see food businesses beginning to embark on a path which includes natural, organic ingredients with not nasty antibiotics and steroids and additives that many businesses in the food industry have resorted to using. such restaurants are responsibly choosing their ingredients and are launching a “grassroots health movement.” vive la revolucion!

nakedpizza5 nakedpizza3
nakedpizza2 nakedpizza

I really do love my friends and have missed hanging out with them during the school year. today was awesome. just watching my two friends Jane and Mariya pick on each other is hilarious! but we all love each other at the end of the day. we also got some ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. we are planning on going hiking this weekend and camping over the 4th of July weekend so suffice it to say I am incredibly excited for the week and a half to come! it also means I have an actual shopping list to put together. i’d love to get an outfit for the 4th of July, Forever 21 has a really good selection of cheap red white and blue clothes right now. I also need a new pair of sunglasses, some sandals and another tank top or two, the weather in Eastern Washington is supposed to be close to or above 100! when we in Western Washington find that the sun is being a jerk and hiding from us, we go across the mountain pass. the sun can’t hide from us there!

have a great evening everyone, summer weather is finally coming Washingtonians! #staystrong




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