Styleboard: Stripes & Denim

I don’t shop all that often. when you’re a college student working a part-time minimum wage job you don’t make much more than pocket change and shopping sprees are a luxury you literally can’t afford. that is, unless you can handle the guilt you feel later for spending all of your money and if you can handle the feeling of being broke until your next paycheck (longest two weeks ever). can’t even go get frozen yogurt or a cup of expensive Seattle coffee with a friend unless they’re paying! suffice it to say, I can’t really handle it. live and learn.

that doesn’t keep me from window shopping, though. below are some style picks I made mostly off of Pinterest. I really do think my closet needs a jean jacket. I haven’t had one since I was a kid and they are finally back in style. for whatever reason I always get caught up when I go to pay $30 for one. it seems a tad much (recall the college student budget) but the fact that I keep coming back to the jean jacket over and over and over again month after month tells me that I need to finally cowgirl up and buy one. also I keep coming to the black and white striped shirts, I’ve been seeing them a lot lately and really love the versatility of the piece. most recently I saw one being worn by Kate on The Fancy Pants Report. I think this piece may become a new closet staple for me.

style list

1 Denim Jacket from Target // 2 Handbag from Prada // 3 Panama Hat from J. Crew // 4 Slingback Boardwalk Sandal from Madewell // 5 Factory Printed Draped Tee from J. Crew

Note: The link for the Prada bag fell down the rabbit hole of tumblr and pinterest so I have no idea if it’s still available or where to get it.




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