My Little Dancer

my little sister’s dance recital was yesterday at the Pantages Theatre in Tacoma for her dance school, the Elite School of Dance. i am so proud of my little sister! it is truly amazing to see her excelling at an art that she is passionate about, and to see her front and center on the stage in front of a large crowd that contained many of her loving and supportive family members. my friend came along to see her (he cleaned up very well, I am very impressed and kind of sad, but no need for that here) and he asked her if she saw the faces of people in the crowd when she danced (she performed twice). she told us no, she didn’t notice anyone. she was even still thinking about it this morning! she said she couldn’t recall seeing the faces of anyone in the crowd except one bald man with glasses who was smiling (yea, we did have a laugh about that one). this must surely be the sign of a devoted and gifted dancer, one who loses herself in the music and the story she is trying to tell, performing in her own little corner of the universe. my friend envy’s her, is awed by her ability and the opportunity that she has to do what she loves and to be at her best in her own zone with nothing running through her head but her fluid movements that are as natural as the air she breathes, and how can he not. she is a shining star in a dark sky, and everyone has eyes only for her. she is an artist.

recital 2 recital

I can only hope that one day I might know the joy and the love for something that she knows. at 14 years old, I feel like she has already learned and achieved so much more than me. and I am confident that her star will only continue to rise. I believe that she has the courage and the will to climb whatever mountain stands before her, if she chooses to. and as her older sister I would follow her anywhere and support her through anything. I will follow behind my little sisters, and I will stop and look up at them when I can climb no more and they forge on ahead of me. and I will be waiting for them when they fall, and they will fall every now and then. it is an important part of learning. but I will be there and waiting to help them get back up and push on, back up the mountain ahead of me. I may not achieve a lot in my life. one or both of my sisters may surpass me and leave me behind, but seeing where they go and seeing what they achieve for themselves is all the happiness that I need. I love you girls!




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