Girl Fever

so if you know anything about girls, it’s this: we love to shop. we shop to reward ourselves, we shop to make ourselves feel better, we shop when we are bored and we shop just to spend quality time with our girl friends. do we waste lots of money this way? yes, probably. do we sometimes buy things we don’t need? yes, we do. do we sometimes buy a shirt and wear it only once before retiring it to the depths of our closet to lie alone and forgotten until we dig it up again months later, forgetting we even had it? unfortunately, it happens. i call these impulse buys. to guard against this, generally I try to adopt a 24hr policy, and it works best with online purchases. if you see something you want, don’t buy it right away. if 24 hours passes and you still want it, go get it. it doesn’t always work, but it helps. next means of keeping your money safely in your wallet is to look at things that are actually outside of your price range. not exactly healthy. if anything it actually makes you bitter towards the people who can actually afford to throw away lots of money on such things, but hey. not all plans are perfect.

in the vein of shopping (and also of complete boredom), I have also looked through my Wishlist board on Pinterest and pulled out some of my favorite fashion shopping finds! unfortunately, most of these products aren’t available in stores anymore so some of the links are hard to set up but that doesn’t make the clothes any less lovely.


Shirt from La Garconne // MOTO Black Skinny Jeans from Topshop // Gold Flats // Gold Thimble Ring from LYLIF




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