Life in Forward Motion

my how they grow. I sound like a mother but it’s true. I see my little sisters, the sisters that I have watched and cared for almost single-handedly, growing into smart and successful young women and I am so proud of them. amy had her 9th grade awards ceremony/graduation this week. it brings back a lot of good memories from my own awards ceremony and my own time as an awkward teenager in junior high school. amy and her friend Tina swept many of the evening’s awards, the Twin Towers as we call them due to their towering, dominating figures in basketball. she took away awards for band, for the FLIGHT team (the school’s leadership team), for honors and was even named next year’s Viking Lady at Puyallup High School. so proud of my girl, I am both awed and jealous of her success (naturally, it’s hard to suppress feelings of envy when your younger sister has upped the bar and begun to eclipse you!). today is also amy’s 9th grade dance, i’m so jealous I miss the days of getting dressed up for dances and going out and having a good time (although regrettably my dances were a mix of good, bad, and awkward. C’est la vie!). and so life goes on towards the horizon, always moving forward towards the future. it’s an amazing thing, life.

amy dance amy award

today I was also fortunate to spend time with my own friends. we missed the movie 42, a movie which I have been trying to see for MONTHS but plans keep falling through or getting canceled! clearly the universe does not want me to see this damn movie so it had better be good when I finally do see it. I love sports dramas, they are so heartwarming, heart wrenching and inspiring. but this movie will be seen! I swear it, universe. #challengeaccepted. instead (after changing our minds like a dozen times, or rather my friends and her boyfriend changed their minds over and over again in a ten minute time span. I was just ready to go somewhere, anywhere!) we ended up going to Chipotle, a Mexican grill that my ex boyfriend got me into. it’s so yummy, not to mention I love their commitment to organic food as well as their fun and creative marketing design.


despite the lapse in communication as well as a lack of basic decision-making skills, I still managed to enjoy my evening spent with friends. on top of getting dinner we also stopped by Teamore, one of our favorite hang out spots for the sole fact that it is the only café we know of that’s open till 1am. I got a chai tea, probably the best chai latte i’ve ever had, i was impressed. and with that purchase i pretty much spent what meager funds I had left. #collegelife

I love and cherish these times and they really do mean a lot to me. i love to spend time with the friends who have become such an integral part of my life, some of whom have remained close to me since our time in grade school a well as junior high. it is also a part of my plan to spend as little time as possible at my home this summer due to the fact that my family lacks household cleaning skills despite my nagging and I am not interested in spending my summer in a smelly dirty apartment which just becomes dirty the next day despite my working like a maid, and also because I don’t actually have a bed to sleep on this summer because I gave Amy mine when I moved into my college dorm and she won’t give it back! #sisterlove. currently my bed is the couch. which has ceased to be comfortable. and which has put me in a prime position to be pestered by our dog Sam in the morning. soon my bed will be a mattress on my other sister’s floor. joy. kind of wish I had a boyfriend who would let me stay over at his house, not going to lie. like most things, I will just have to see how this summer turns out, I suppose.
redondo sunset chai

isn’t Redondo just beautiful at sunset? it takes my breath away, I love both sunrises and sunsets.




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