School year wrap up

in a nutshell, this school year has had some ups and downs. my GPA has reflected my worst quarter yet as well as my best, which accredited me to the UW Dean’s List (hooray! my dad wouldn’t stop bragging about me the rest of the day at work so I guess you could say he was proud). i lost the adoration of a guy who has been close to me for over a year but I have also met some amazing new people who I am honored to be able to call my friends. i have been demoralized as well as uplifted. i have gone through stress over the #painintheass which is commuting from Puyallup and have also begun to enjoy the perks that come with being able to live on campus.

IMG_20130313_184903 IMG_20130308_115306 IMG_20130321_080329 IMG_20130207_100255 IMG_20130322_132854 IMG_20130206_160951 IMG_20121107_170626 IMG_20121107_120636

I have made some new bonds with my coworkers, my friends, my teammates, my classmates. it has been a hard year but it has been an important one. it is a big first step in moving forward with my life, and deciding which people are important to me. thanks to my friends and family who have stood by me in my tough times! the summer to come might not be much easier but i’m hoping that it will be a just and deserved break from the academic life and I hope to come back in the fall refreshed and ready to go! I’m super excited for my new apartment, my upcoming work digs in the new Lander Hall, and my next round of classes as a (HOPEFULLY) declared anthropology major. I look forward to seeing what the rest of my college career has in store for me, and what my future relationships with the people around me will look like. have a spectacular summer everyone, you deserve it!

IMG_20130507_131425 IMG_20130505_135004 IMG_20130501_112946 IMG_20130401_171513 IMG_20130322_132743 IMG_20130206_160951


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