Favorite Little Pins: This Week on Pinterest

Fav little pins header
Fav little pins

anyone who knows me and follows me on Pinterest knows that I like to pin. a lot. more than a lot. some days it’s to the point where I actually begin to feel a little bad for my followers and remind myself to dial it back just a little bit. it’s been especially bad lately as my classes are wrapping up for this quarter and I am starting to spend more time in my college dorm room doing nothing. being completely and utterly bored. and brooding over my new-found single life (story for another time). or sitting outside in the UW quad being completely and utterly bored on my Samsung Galaxy S3 (there’s already an S4 now? wtf). and brooding some more. although not as much as when I’m sitting alone in my room. i just hop into my Pinterest app and bam, I’m rolling. there is literally no escape for me. i shamefully admit I often refresh the page several times to see if anything new has popped up since I last checked five seconds ago. #confessionsofayoungadult

anyway, above are just a couple of cute pins I pulled, nothing major. i’m very attracted to the pinks and the oranges, such pretty colors especially for spring and summer. bring on the sunshine, seattle! or just smothering heat without the actual sunshine, it sends that our way too. like today. and apparently tomorrow. the sun just hides behind this filmy layer of clouds. seriously, Washington?

by the way, I am indeed writing this at 1:44am. after complaining on Facebook that I just wanted to go to sleep because I was tired of thinking about my day and my week and the probably not so fun summer that lays ahead of me. turns out I’m just too agitated to sleep #Figures


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