Social Media…Tuesday

That doesn’t rhyme or go together at all and probably won’t end up being a thing, but whatever. Now I’ll admit I was slow to get onto the Instagram train. I’ll also admit that I am not very popular on Instagram (I just recently broke my 20s streak and got 30 followers. I was pretty excited). While I’m not exactly out for a big follower count (although I can’t deny that that would be pretty cool), I do have to insert a plug on how annoying it is when someone on Instagram has like 5 pictures posted (none of them good if I’m being honest, and most of them selfies under poor quality lighting) yet have hundreds of followers. How does that happen? Also have to insert a plug on how annoying it is when people post spam comments on tons of my pictures (and others) trying to get us to join their Trains and websites to try and get more followers. Which I can’t do because I really am not interested in following 20+ people with mediocre and just bad quality and having their photos fill up my dashboard all for the sake of a follow-back. Not interested in selling my soul for a follower, thank you very much! I do still Instagram for fun and really love the app! It’s a pretty awesome invention. Not exactly genius, but awesome nonetheless.

Endnote I am in desperate need of a means for creating better quality pictures without spending lots of money on fancy software (including photoshop). The free version of Photofiltre isn’t cutting it, it’s killing me!!


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