Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Well, technically Happy almost Friday. But it’s not like anyone is actually looking at this anyway, so whose to judge? Besides, once the end of the day nears on Thursday my mind has already moved on to Friday! Just picks up it’s purse and walks off in it’s prissy heals complaining “I am SO over this.” I get to listen to the tap tapping of My Mind’s shoes as it walks away and leaves me a virtual zombie until Friday. Thanks.

But it’s never too early to start thinking about what to do over the weekend when you’re finally free from work and school (for anyone shaking their head and bitterly muttering “speak for youself,” I apologize). For everyone else, here’s my suggestions!

Seeing a movie is usually a good time, plus it’s relaxing to kick back, gobble down some movie theatre popcorn (there’s just something about it! You can’t get that kind of popcorn at home!) and enjoy a movie with friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend. I personally am waiting for The Great Gatsby and 42 (which I think just opened today and is about Jackie Robinson as the first black baseball player).

There’s always the option of seeing your significant other over the weekend and go on a nice date! (To make it REALLY a romantic evening, make sure he brings roses. Always the roses for me if he’s serious lol). Maybe even combine a date night and a movie. Sounds like a quick way out but it really is an enjoyable time.

With sparklers, of course đŸ™‚ But really, just a get together at a friend’s house is plenty of fun too! Make it a potluck so there’ll be lots of yummy food available (or not if your friends don’t actually bring anything. Not like that’s happened to me before or anything…). Turn on some music and it’ll be a nice time.


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